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Will say that yrs ago, I had great luck with Mossberg 500's and foster slugs. The barrel lockup was better than 870's. I took deer to 150 no problem. Not sure if BPS are still decent or if they've had quality issues. Remington has cheapened stuff up bigtime, but the design of the 870 may allow for that to some extent, dunno.

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Does any one know if Remington has corrected any issues with the 870 express tactical models. Specifically the magpul editions. Do they know polish the chambers? Have they started using solid extractors? Was there any recalls pertaining to any of these issues? I have just purchased a Magpul 870 and have been reading all the issues.

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Jan 24, 2011 · I have a Remington 870 pump, and have been having some problems with it jamming. After I fire a shot it is very hard to pull the slide back to eject the shell (I am using target federal shells). While shooting clays my one friend said he had the same problem with his 870 with any shells other then Remington shells.

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Sep 26, 2020 · Only Remington ammo I ever thought was actually good was their shotgun shells back in the 80's and 90s. Far better in the 80's than anything Federal could produce. Still not a Federal fan for shotgun. Never shot a V3 either, but it's supposedly a great shotgun. So for shotgun stuff, Remington seems pretty good: 870, 1100, V3.

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Remington 870 Sbs Short Barrel Shotgun And Rifle Barrel Inserts For Shotgun BY Remington 870 Sbs Short Barrel Shotgun And Rifle Barrel Inserts For Shotgun in Articles If you searching to check on  Remington 870 Sbs Short Barrel Shotgun And Rifle Barrel Inserts For Shotgun Remington 870 Sbs Short Barrel Shotgun And Rifle Barrel Inserts For Shotgun pr

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May 20, 2012 · The 870 redesign didn't lend itself to the 3 1/2" shell and had reliability and function problems. I would rethink the 3 1/2" thing, really no real need. If you have to get a 3 1/2" pump, look at the Benelli Nova. Mark

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Magpul Remington 870 Moe M-Lok Forends - Rem 870 Moe M-Lok Forend, Blk. Free Shipping on Orders Over $100. Use code PJS. The MOE M-LOK Forend Remington 870 is a drop-in replacement forend for the standard Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun, featuring an

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Best Price Remington 870 Jamming Shooters Forum And Sfondi Desktop Remington 870

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Oct 26, 2009 · Insufficient gas pressure allows the breech to remain locked too long, giving the shooter the same recoil of a pump or other locked-breech shotgun. Low pressure often leads to a short stroke of the action. This will show up as improper or soft ejection and other feeding problems. Cleaning the gas ports will sometimes take care of this. Seal Check

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Jun 26, 2014 · Remington 870 Barrel. Best Remington 700 Bipods. 10 Best Home Defense Upgrades for Remington 870 . Best Mossberg 500/590 Accessories and Upgrades . Remington 870 Non-MIM (Machined) Extractor . Best Thermal Sights/Scopes. 7 Must Have Ruger 10/22 (Takedown) Upgrades: Stocks, Triggers. 5 Best Aftermarket Stocks for Remington 870 . How to Mount a ...

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Mar 26, 2018 · The pro gun community is actually responsible for the Remington issues, as they have been railing on Remington for years now, which really started around the Rem 700 recalls. gnode on Mar 26, 2018 Particularly as a common effect of expected regulation of firearms is increased sales, as customers try to preempt new legislation.

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Apr 15, 2017 · I never remember short stroking an 870. The 870 is an all around better gun thanot the mossberg. There have been issues of burrs in the chamber of some of the newer barrels, but I prefer older 870's anyway.

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Remington 870 safety is a cross bolt safety in the trigger guard. Remington 870 20 Gauge Black OverMolded Shotgun Stock Kit with Forend. Mini shells are tons of fun May 03 2017 Their qualities and features overlap quite a bit but IN MY OPINION the Remington 870 TAC 14 holds the edge over the Mossberg 590 Shockwave just slightly .

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